Without an Ing is a song from Between the Lions sung by the Lions and 100 dancing monkeys about how you wouldn't have a thing without an "ing".

Appearances Edit

  1. Episode 34: Icarus's Wings
  2. Episode 75: The Golden Meaty Awards

Lyrics Edit

Theo: You can't sing a thing if you don't have "ing". You need an "ing".

Cleo: If you want a bell to go, "Ding-a-ling," you need an "ing."

Lionel: Bees could never sting.

Leona: Lines could never cling.

Lions: What was the zing in "zing"? I-N-G, "ing," "ing," ing"

Lions and Monkeys: Winter would never end, cause there'd be no spring.

Without an "ing".

Good as crown a king, or swing on a swing.

Without an "ing".

Kites without a string, birds without a wing.

Think of the joy it brings. I-N-G "ing!"

{tap dancing break}

Theo: You'd have a pong, but you wouldn't have a ping.

Cleo: You'd have bells, but you couldn't hear them ring.

Lions and Monkeys: You'd have stuff, but you wouldn't have a thing.

Without an "ing."

Cleo: All right!

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