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What's Cooking? with Theo and Cleo is a cooking segment starring Theo and Cleo Lion as chefs. In each segment, they have a recipe and all the things they need (and a few they don't) in front of them with their names on them (For example, slammed and rammed ham with no yam or clam). They read the recipe step-by-step which usually involves getting rid of the extra ingredients (extra items) and doing something (rather literally) to the main item before placing it in something. When they reached down to the last step that involves cooking the food for a specific (and sometimes very long or short) amount of time, they just say "Nah!" and eat it raw and make sounds similar to the sounds Cookie Monster makes when he eats something. Sometimes, the camera zooms in on the refrigerator and segues into a Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective segment.



What's cooking...

with Theo and Cleo

She can what's cooking!




Title Cards[]


Both says "Nah!"[]

Theo and Cleo eat it raw[]

The camera zooms in on the refrigerator[]