Vowel Boot Camp is a segment from Between the Lions. It makes the recurring character of Sergeant Mark, known as the exclamation point. The vowel makes it short in the three letter word, and the vowel makes it long in the four letter word with two vowels, and the silent E. When two vowels go in the four letter word, they sing, "When two vowels stand side by side, the first one says its name with pride." When silent E makes it in the four letter word at the end, they sing, "When E on the end plays a no-talking game, the vowel before it says its name."


Segments[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Words[edit | edit source]

  • man
  • main
  • bet
  • beat
  • rip
  • ripe
  • not
  • note
  • cut
  • cute
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