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  • I live in Yoyleland
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  • My occupation is A tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride. Skipper Dan is the name.
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My name is BTLfan4, and I love Between the Lions. My favorite sketch on the show is The Adventures of Cliff Hanger.

My Top 10 Favorite Cliff HangersEdit

10. Cliff Hanger and the Grumpy Gourd Gatherers (Great!)

9. Cliff Hanger and the Rain, and the River (It ROCKS!)

8. Cliff Hanger and the Three Brothers and a Pizza (Thrilling!)

7. Cliff Hanger, the Lap Dog, and the Riddle (My Childhood!)

6. Cliff Hanger and Quentin Quigley's Quick Question (Quite Nice!)

5. Cliff Hanger, the Pheasant, and the Phone (Phenomenal!)

4. Cliff Hanger and his Bullfrog Hat (5 Stars Out of 5!)

3. Cliff Hanger and the Soiled Oil Lamp (Bring Me Joy Every Time!)

2. Cliff Hanger and the Bed (Better than Excellent!)

1. Cliff Hanger and the Very Powerful Vacuum Cleaner (Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Valuable to Me!)

Top 5 Worst Cliff Hangers Edit

5. Cliff Hanger, the Mole, and the Rope (Kind of Boring)

4. Cliff Hanger and the Sheep on a Ship (A Bit Bland)

3. Happy Birthday, Cliff Hanger! (The Ending Sucked, but the Rest was Decent)

2. Cliff Hanger Meets the Sleeping Gypsy (The Cop-out Ending was Bad, but the Rest was Still Okay. Also, I give Lionel some Credit for Trying to Make a Book with the Sleeping Gypsy in the Middle)

Up until now, my list hasn't gotten into "Horrible" territory, but my number one is AWFUL! Without a doubt, the number one WORST Cliff Hanger is...

1. Cliff Hanger and the Enchanted Goat in a Coat in a Boat (This Issue SUCKS HARD! The first 4 were better than this, by FAR! I just found them not as good as some others. But this, this SUCKS!!!! I don't know anything worse than this on the show! THIS CLIFF HANGER BOOK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Top 10 Between the Lions Songs Edit

10. Sometimes Y

9. Hung Up On H

8. Troubled by the Letter Y

7. W Trouble

6. Double E, EE

5. Rocket Doodle Doo

4. The Two Sounds of the Letter G

3. Sloppy Pop

2. It's a p-h!

Honorable Mentions Edit

And, the Number One BEST Between the Lions Song is...

1. I Love Contractions

Top 10 Between the Lions Episodes Edit

Note: I picked one episode from each season to make this easy.

10. Episode 67: Grow, Mane, Grow! (I like the "Long A" lesson it taught)

9. Episode 59: Too Cool (It's spiritual successor was better, though)

8, Episode 55: Stop That Chicken! (I wish Sloppy Pop was in it, though)

7. Episode 12: The Chap With Caps (Nice!)

6. Episode 92: Spicy Hot Colors/Yesterday I Had the Blues (Great!)

5. Episode 79: Earl's Too Cool / When I Was Five (Too Cool!)

4. Episode 127: My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks / Just What Mama Needs (Amazing!)

3. Episode 118: The Emporor's New Clothes/The Hungry Coat (Awesome!)

2. Episode 88: Cheesybreadville / Stolen Smells (Haven't seen it in a while, though)

And the Number One BEST Between the Lions Episode is...

1. Episode 103: Stop That Pickle!/Chicks and Salsa (Triple Awesome-Sauce with extra Ketchup!)

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