The Mighty Star Lion is a song from Between the Lions
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Lyrics Edit

  • Cleo: The Mighty Star Lion, who lives in the Sky sends a Meteor Storm into Flight,
  • Lionel: The meteors flash in a fiery dance that parts the deep darkness of night.
  • Cleo and Lionel: Like Star, after Star, after Sparkling Star, Shedding beautiful Showers of Light.
  • Lionel: And One Little Lion looks up at the Sky and welcome the marvelous sight
  • Cleo: Like Dream, after Dream, after Silvery Dream, The Starry like Shower falls bright
  • Lionel: And one little lion looks up at the sky, as she sits all alone in the night.
  • Cleo and Leona: Then One, and then Two, and the Three Lions, more, Softly Steal in from Left and from Right
  • All: And Four Sleepy Lions all Bathe in the Glow Of the Magical Meteors' Light

Appearances Edit

Episode 05: Shooting Stars

Episode 74: A Shower of Stars / Two Moons and One Lagoon

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