The Great Smartini is a recurring sketch on Between the Lions.


Arty Smartypants performs a magic act with his smarty pants.


Gags Edit

Announcer Bunny GagEdit

  • Announcer Bunny: (Hey, now! Hey, wow!) (Once again), It's Magic Time with the Great Smartini! (Seasons 1-4)
  • Announcer Bunny: Wake up! It's Magic Time with the Great Smaaaartini! (Grow, Mane, Grow!)

Arty Thanks to Announcer Bunny Edit

  • Arty: (Oh), hey, (wow), thank you (very much), (a little air guitar), (very) cute (goofy) (and funny) little (loud) Announcer Bunny, hey (He's so cute). (Seasons 1-4)


  • Announcer Bunny: And this is his/his beautiful assistant, the remarkable Smarmy Marmy Smaaartini! (Season 1)
  • Arty: Hello! It is I..../I am the Great Smartini! (Season 1)
  • Marmy: And I'm his Marmy. Remarkable Smarmy Marmy Smartini. (Season 1)
  • Arty: And now, everyone, please help me welcome my incredible Marmy. The remarkable Smarmy Marmy Smartini! (Icarus's Wings)

Say a Magic Word and Do a Magic Dance GagEdit

Arty's Magic Words GagEdit

  • Obrocadobra
  • Ebrecadebra
  • Ubrucadubra
  • Ibracadibra
  • Oobracadoobra
  • Eebracadeebra
  • Owbracadobra
  • Oubracadoabra
  • Arbracadibra
  • Ubracadabera
  • Let's Hear It / Can I Get a / Let's Have a Gag
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