The Great Motorcade is a special of Between the Lions. It was released on May 12, 2000.


Lionel's uncle Luke comes to the Busterfield Library for a visit. The lion family meet Lucy Kirby (Emily Deschanel) at the main desk. Lucy tells them that racecars are for racing. The lion family goes to the racetrack. At the garage, Luke and Gus Bunny were working on the racecar. Scud Falcon flies to the racetrack while singing; I'm In The Race. Luke shows Scud the checkered flag. Luke tells Scud that if he went to the restaurant, "The Brown Toad", they would give you something to eat. Scud Falcon goes to The Brown Toad downtown. Scud enters the restaurant. A waiter startled him and the patrons laughed. He apologizes to Scud for startling him. He introduces himself Clancy Crocodile.