Season 1, Episode 18
Air date 2019
Written by Joe Fallon
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Episode 17: Bug Alert
Story 19: The Pest in the Tent
Fang is the 18th episode of Reading Between the Lions.
Picture Segment Description
Cartoon F the Floppy Flower
Cartoon A Fan Blows the Flower Away
IMG 2248
Film Real Kids: f words [flour, flower, fan, Fred, fried pickle, french fries, fish, fish, fish] (EKA: Episode 79: Earl's Too Cool / When I Was Five)
IMG 2359
Film Gawain's Word: fan (EKA: Dance In Smarty Pants)
Puppets "Do Not Sniff"
IMG 2356
Celebrity Fred Says (again): fish (EKA: Something Fishy)
Film Fang
Cartoon A sunshine is growing a plant
Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Fabulous Flying Fish
(EKA: Episode 102: Mole and the Baby Bird / Owen and Mzee)
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