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Sesame Street is an American long-running children's television series that premiered on PBS Kids since November 10, 1969. Designed for preschoolers, the show teaches young audiences to learn their ABC's, 123's, words, colors, shapes, and ways of friendship. The show is officially formerly airs on HBO at its 50th and final season on television; PBS is going to air its 50th and final season. The show has made crossovers with Between the Lions since Season 2 in 2001.


Season 40 Cast.jpg

In 2009, the show celebrated their 40th anniversary. In 2015, the show celebrated a 45th anniversary with an announcement that some of the adult cast members (Bob McGrath, Sonia Manzano, Loretta Long, Allison Bartlett, Emilio Delgado, and Roscoe Orman, who played the adults Gordon, Susan, Gina, Bob, Maria and Luis were retired. However, Emilio Delgado would still remain in the credits of the cast. Current cast members include Nina (played by Suki Lopez), Chris Knowings, and Alan Muroka. A new Muppet character in 2017 named Julia, has also joined the cast in the 47th season.


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