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Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective is a segment that parodies the Sam Spade detective stories. This segment makes heavy use of sight gags based on word play (such as the narrator referring to the entrance of a "tomato"—1930s slang for an attractive woman—who is revealed to be a real tomato wearing a outfit; and some of the female's would wear fake lips to show their female's this stuck to the segments till the end and a neon sign that blinks the words and opposites "Loose Bulb", "Endless Endless", "Bright" and "Dark", "Flicker Flicker", "The Fritz", "Crackle Crackle", "On" and "Off", "Flash Flash", "Buzz Buzz", "Creak Creak", "Zap Zap", and "Eek Eek"). Sam Spud is voiced by series' co-creator Michael K. Frith and Precious Peach is voiced by Jennifer Barnhart.

In most cases, the segments would end with a real-life girl or boy watching Sam Spud on television and calling out to his or her mother that "There's a talking potato with a hat on and no mouth!" (or some variation), and the mother calling from off-screen telling a kid not to worry and that it's educational television, so it must be good for him/her. On one occasion, it ends with the mother telling a girl never say the word "dumb" after describing a pickle with a zipper. These ending sequences were phased out after Season 1.

The Sam Spud segments became rarer in Season 2, and mostly disappeared after that.

The segment is a companion piece to What's Cooking? with Theo and Cleo.


Correct Words and Names[]

  • cool
  • eggs
  • hamburger
  • pickle
  • jam
  • Sam
  • knock
  • Banana
  • kid
  • peach
  • masher in the neighborhood
  • eel

Incorrect Words and Names[]

  • cowl
  • iggs [only a false word]
  • humbarger [only a false word]
  • pockle [only a false word]
  • jim [only a false word]
  • Same [only a false name]
  • knuck [only a false word]
  • Binini [only a false word]
  • kud [only a false word]
  • pooch
  • neighbor in the masherhood [only a false word]
  • owl


  1. The Lost Rock
  2. Farmer Ken's Puzzle
  3. Shooting Stars
  4. Touching the Moon
  5. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  6. To the Ship! To the Ship!
  7. The Chap with Caps
  8. Lionel's Great Escape Trick
  9. Hug, Hug, Hug!
  10. The Ram in the Pepper Patch
  11. The Lucky Duck (without only Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective)
  12. The Old Man
  13. A King and His Hawk
  14. The Roar That Makes Them Run
  15. The Fox and the Crow
  16. Be Bop
  17. Teacher's Pet
  18. The Last Cliff Hanger
  19. Quest, Quest, Quest!
  20. Tweet! Tweet!
  21. It's Red! It's Green!/Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
  22. The Three Legged Pot/When Jabo Jammed
  23. My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks/Just What Mama Needs

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Correct Words and Names[]

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