Sam Spud
Sam spud and his partner girlfriend
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This segment makes heavy use of sight gags based on wordplay (such as the narrator referring to the entrance of a "tomato"—1930s slang for an attractive woman—who is revealed to be a real tomato wearing a costume; or a neon sign that blinks the words "Bright" and "Dark", "Flicker Flicker", "On" and "Off", "Crackle Crackle", "The Fritz", "Endless Endless", "Buzz Buzz", "Flash Flash", "Loose Bulb", "Zap Zap", "Eek Eek", and "Creak Creak").

In most cases, the segments would end with a real-life black or white boy or girl watching Sam Spud on television and calling out to his or her mother that "There's a talking potato with a hat on and no mouth!" (or some variation), and the mother calling from off-screen telling her child not to worry and that it's educational television, so it must be good for him/her. On one occasion, it ends with the mother telling it is mean to say one of the words. And later on Sam get's a new partner she first appeared on teacher's pet he call's her precious every time when he's in the situation when he slipped on a banana peel and tolled her to help him but she was to busy on his typewriter on Teacher's pet or when he got stomped on the masher and she hand cuffed the masher on The Last Cliff Hanger or Sam being attacked from a squid wile his partner watch's also Sam call's his partner a real peach when he introduce her and she appeared in teachers pet and Tweet Tweet and Teacher's Pet Sam might have a relationship whit his partner also had a green car in 3 shorts


  • raw hamburger
  • banana orange
  • terrible pickle
  • cool as a cucumber
  • tomato
  • the lemon kid with cookies
  • frozen ham
    Sam spud and the tomatoe
    Sam spud-0
    Sam spud-1
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    Sam spud green car
    Sam spud car
  • jam
  • rotten eggs
  • the banana fruitcake
  • the eel mystery
  • masher in the neighborhood

Incorrect WordsEdit

  • humbarger [only a fake word]
  • binini [only a fake word]
  • pockle [only a fake word]
  • cowl
  • knuck [only a fake word]
  • kud [only a fake word]
  • Same [only a fake name]
  • jim [only a fake word]
  • iggs [only a fake word]
  • pooch
  • owl
  • neighbor in the masherhood [only a fake word]



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