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Real Jam is an installment in the Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective series that teaches the short "i" sound, which it's real jam because it's not real jim.


Sam Spud was working late one night as he was typing on his typewriter as he sees the sign repeatedly saying on the fritz it was about to drive him crazy till he got a knock on the door and a shadow appeared in the door glass then Sam said come in as the figure appear before the jam appear Sam said she was in a jim but fixed it to jam as she was a real jam then she walk to his desk and Sam comet was her being raspberry as the jam lady walked up to his desk as Sam new things we're gonna be sticky as jam lady got Sam's typewriter tongue chest she said oh ow ow ow.

Sam walked up to her and said let me help with that as he pulled it out from her chest as she said moan of relief and rubs herself and Sam sat back down to his desk as he said she was look like she was going to spell the beans and beans fell down on the sky and Sam said he was wrong about the raspberries.


  • Correct word: jam
  • Incorrect word: jim
  • Other character: real jam

A neon sign that blinks the words[]



Spell the Word[]


Say the Two Words[]

  • jim
  • jam



Version 1[]

Version 2[]