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Nutty as a Fruitcake is an installment in the Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective series that teaches the letters e-a "e" sound, which it's real peach because it's not real pooch.


This is the first segment that is outside as long with a new car and a new opening for it in Season 2 and giving us a new character which is new partner also named precious for Sam Spud to go solve cases, as how she was revealed when Sam made a misspell to "pooch" instead of "peach", and after he fixed it she's revealed. As the plot begins Sam and precious which is a name for her as the story goes they look for the guy they needed to talk Sam walked out the car and ask if he can talk to him but he freaks out and goes bananas, he tries chasing him but slips and ask his partner for help because he's feeling a little weak. The camera moves upwards to the sky to show the city.


  • Correct word: peach
  • Incorrect word: pooch
  • Other characters: nutty as a fruitcake and precious

A neon sign that blinks the words[]



Say the Two Words[]

  • pooch
  • peach



Version 1[]

Version 2[]