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Moby, The Great White Duck

Moby Duck is a parody of the classic novel Moby-Dick. It follows the crew of the Peapod (a parody of the book's ship, the Pequod) on their search for Moby, the great white duck (played by the famous duck statue in Flanders, New York). The two stars of the segment are Captain Ahab (played by series co-creator Michael K. Frith) and Mr. Starbuck.


Starbuck looks through a telescope and sees a white animal and yells, "Wait, Cap'n! Thar she quacks! Moby, the great white duck!" Captain Ahab takes a closer look and gives the tagline "Argh! That not be Moby, the great white duck! Argh!", and explains the differences and sounds out syllables, showing, for example, Daisy, the entertaining white snail. The two admit defeat before continuing their search. A running gag is the fact that they never look behind them, which is exactly where Moby is.



  • chicken
  • snail
  • seal
  • rabbit