Livingston Dangerously is the author of the Cliff Hanger books.

In The Last Cliff Hanger, he appeared in a live feed on his website with Theo, Cleo, Lionel, Leona, and Click. When Lionel said that he liked the Cliff Hanger books and that he wanted Livingston to keep writing them, Livingston said that he was busy.

“You mean on your paper clip chain?” Leona asks, and Livingston replies with “Yes — on my paper clip chain. Do you think it’s because I don’t have any ideas for my Cliff Hanger stories?”

When Lionel and his family say no, Livingston replies, “I don’t — not one, not one idea. I had to make it the last one because I couldn’t think of anything else.”

When asked how he gets his ideas, Livingston reveals that they usually come over him in a wave, and then lift him out in “a sea of inspiration”. Eventually, with the lions’ help, Livingston gets an idea, and writes a new Cliff Hanger book where Cliff goes back on the cliff.

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