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"Homophones" is a song sung by Cleo Lion and Brian McKnight who sing about homophones -- words that sound the same but have different meanings and/or spellings.

Brian McKnight and Cleo Lion Homophones.jpg


I read this book.
It's red, come look.
A book about our special love. Homophones.
Right here, you'll hear.
Two words that sound the same.
But don't look the same, here's the name. Homophones.
I know there's no one else you loves them so.
You're right, let's write. These words all day and night.
They're out of sight.
There's their so sweet. That's what we always meet.
Not that kind of meat.
But you can't beat. Homophones.
Two words that sound the same, but they're not spell the same.

List of Homophones

  • read
  • red
  • here
  • hear
  • know
  • no
  • right
  • write
  • meet
  • meat