Between the Lions The Movie is Between the Lions' feature film presented by Paramount Pictures and produced by WGBH Boston and Sirius Thinking Limited, it was filmed in June 2002, and it came out in theaters in February 2003, it aired on PBS in March 2003, and it was released on DVD and VHS in January 2004


It's summer time at the Barnaby B Busterfield lll Memorial Public Library, and special guests The Wiggles did a concert at the Library's theater, after the concert, Lionel and Leona saw the Announcer Bunny remind them about the first day of summer Beach Party hosted by The Wiggles, so Cleo comes to the Beach Party with Lionel and Leona while Theo stays behind to run the Library, but they discovered a mean man in a boat keeps throwing litter around the beach and the ocean, so Cleo, Lionel, Leana, and Gus have to save the beach and stop the mean litter man


Anthony Asbury as Lionel

Jennifer Barnhart as Cleo

Pam Arceiro as Leona

Peter Linz as Theo and Announcer Bunny

Tim Lagasse as Gus Bunny

Guest Stars:

Murray Cook as Murray Wiggle

Jeff Fatt as Jeff Wiggle

Anthony Field as Anthony Wiggle

Greg Page as Greg Wiggle

Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword

Andrew McCourt as Wags the Dog

Kristy Talbot as Henry the Octopus

Corrine O'Rafferty as Dorothy the Dinosaur


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