Charlie's Dinosaur/Here Come The Aliens is the Ninety-ninth episode of Between the Lions.

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Charlie's Dinosaur[edit | edit source]

On "Touch a Dinosaur Day" Scoop reads the cubs the book Charlie's Dinosaur.

Here Come the Aliens[edit | edit source]

While trying to signal Aliens from the library, Lionel Lion reads "The Aliens are Coming".

Segments[edit | edit source]

Charlie's Dinosaur

  • Joy Learno: Dinosaurs
  • An alligator, a T-rex, and a apatosaurus have a race
  • Synonyms for big

Here Come The Aliens

  • Laptop: quarter, quail, quill, quilt
  • Real Kids: q words [quilt, queen, quarter, quill, question mark]
  • Reginald Livingston Seagull: q poem

Notes[edit | edit source]

Episode Order[edit | edit source]

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