The Three Legged Pot/When Jabo Jammed
Season 7, Episode 98
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Episode 97: Moon Rope/Welcome to the Moon
Episode 99: Charlie's Dinosaur/Here Come the Aliens
Picture Segment Description
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SCENE 1/Cartoon We see Cliff Hanger hanging from his cliff, when he sees the audience, and decides to read them The Three Legged Pot.
IMG 3013
SCENE 1 (cont'd) After the book, Leona, wishes she had a three legged pot to play with, Click then drags and drops the pot oustide so she can
IMG 3014
Film Gawain talks about the letter "p".
IMG 3015
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "p" from the word "pot".
IMG 3016
Animation Paint Words: pens, pets, pants
IMG 3017
Puppets Arty Smartypants has Ants in his Smarty Pants!
IMG 2260
Film Real Kids: p words [pig, paint, pants, pumpkin, punny, pizza, pie]
IMG 2345
Film Library Alphabet (EKA: Episode 83: Yo Yes!/Very Big, Very Loud, Very Metal)
IMG 2929
Celebrity When Cat Cora cooks, she uses a pot, a pan, a platter, and a plate (EKA: Episode 77: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble / I Miss You, Stinky Face)
IMG 3018
Cartoon Polly and the Pirate: Pot of Gold
IMG 3015
Insert The grey hand puts the "p" back.
IMG 3019
SCENE 2 Leona has Lionel dance while holding the pot so she can dance with it, but it's very heavy!
IMG 3020
SCENE 3 Fred Newman tells the story of Jabo, and ordinary kid who ended up causing a parade all around his city.
IMG 3021
SCENE 3 (cont'd) Lionel and Leona both try to jam just like Jabo jammed in the story, but can't. Theo and Cleo then explain that nobody can jam Jabos' jam just like Jabo, only Jabo can. However, no one can jam just like the cubs except the cubs. Then, the Lions have a jamboree.
IMG 3022
Cartoon An announcer tells Cliff Hanger that the letter "j" is up next.
IMG 3023
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "j" from the word "jam".
IMG 3024
Animation Plane Words: judge, jug, juggle
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.53.23 PM
Film Gawain's Word: juggle (EKA: Bug Beard)
Fred jiggle
Celebrity Fred Says: jiggle (EKA: The Boy Who Cried Wold)
IMG 3025
Celebrity Blending Bowl: jump
IMG 2244
Puppets Monkey Cheerleaders: jog (EKA: It's Red! It's Green!/Joseph Had a Little Overcoat)
IMG 2267
Film Real Kids (again): j words [jaw, jacket, jug, jeans, juice, jet, jam, jelly]
IMG 2776
Film Sam Spud: jim/jam (EKA: To the Ship! To the Ship!)
IMG 3026
Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Judge of Jam Jar Jugglers
IMG 3023
Insert The grey hand puts the "j" back.
IMG 3027
SCENE 4 The Lions each jam to their own jams, in perfect harmony!
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