Cheesybreadville/Stolen Smells
Season 6, Episode 88
Air date June 5, 2006
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Episode 87: King Midas/The Dirty Smelly King
Episode 89: The Coyote and the Rabbit/The Gingerbread Man


Cleo reads about a small Puerto Rican town where something amazing happened.

Meanwhile, Theo is having trouble reading his poem.

Stolen SmellsEdit

Cleo reads a book to Leona and Lionel about "Stolen Smells".



Stolen SmellsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • "Cheesybreadville" was written by Sonia Manzano AKA Maria from Sesame Street, the show where the majority of Between the Lions cast and crew including Emilio Delgado, the voice of The Ram in the Pepper Patch, who played Maria's husband Luis came from.
    • Sonia also does the voice of Viv in the story, as well as voice the shopkeeper in “Stolen Smells”.

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