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King Midas/The Dirty Smelly King
Season 6, Episode 87
Air date May 29, 2006
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Episode 86: Here Come the Aliens/Abiyoyo
Episode 88: Cheesybreadville / Stolen Smells

King Midas/The Dirty Smelly King is the 87th episode of Between the Lions.

Picture Segment Description
IMG 2547.png
COLD OPEN Lionel raps about some words we'll be seeing today.
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SCENE 1 Lionel and Leona are playing "King of the Beasts", and Leona is forced to get Lionel whatever he wants. At one point, Lionel fantisizes about everything he touches turning into meat. To teach him a lesson, Cleo reads him King Midas, about a king who wishes everything he touched turned into gold.
IMG 2520.png
SCENE 1 (cont'd) Lionel's "Meat Touch" fantasy continues, and Cleo tries to hug Lionel. Lionel tries to stop her, but too late Cleo hugs him and turns into meat (still with lion ears and a tail)! Everyone screams.
IMG 2522.png
Insert The grey hand removes the letter "k" from the word "king".
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Animation Notebook: kiwi, kids, kitten, kite
IMG 2513.png
Puppets/Cartoon Reginald Livingston Seagull: Kite Poem
IMG 2256.png
Film Real Kids: Kids Say Words That Begin with the Letter K [kite, kayak, kilt, kettle, kitten, ketchup, kimono, kazoo]
Fred Says Zoo.jpg
Fred Says Kazoo.jpg

IMG 2275.png

Celebrity Fred Says: zoo, kazoo
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Insert The grey hand puts the letter "k" back in the word "king".
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SCENE 2 Lionel then asked Leona to get every Cliff Hanger book in the library, but when she gets them, there's one missing! The missing one in question is...
The Adventures of Cliff Hanger.jpg

Adventure 1,826.png
Cliff Hanger and the Helicopter Chorus.jpg
IMG 2554.png

Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Kindly Kangaroo King
IMG 2552.png
SCENE 2 (cont'd) Lionel asked Leona to get it, but she doesn't anyway.
IMG 3033.png
SCENE 3 A monkey comes into the library, looking for a book about a king who was dirty. Theo helps him by reading him The Dirty Smelly King to help him.
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SCENE 3 (cont'd) The monkey comes back, with a king on his back. Theo decides to read him the rest of the story to help.
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Insert The grey hand removes the "ck" from the word "back".
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Animation Computer or Laptop: sack, sick, stick, brick
If You Can Read ick.jpg
Cartoon If You Can Read: ick (EKA: Pigs Aplenty)
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Puppets Reginald Livingston Seagull (again): Baby Chick
Fred Says Rock.jpg

IMG 2276.png

Celebrity Fred Says (again): rock/truck
IMG 2516.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "ck" back in the word "back".
IMG 2544.png
SCENE 4 The monkey wants to get the king monkey some shoes so he'll get off his back. But the monkey wants to read...
Fun with Chicken Jane.jpg

Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away.jpg
IMG 2528.png
Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away 2.jpg

Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Duck with a Truck
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SCENE 4 (cont'd) The king monkey finally wants to go to the shoe store.

Featured Stories[]

  • King Midas (myth)
  • The Dirty Smelly King (traditional folk tale)