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Here Come the Aliens/Abiyoyo
Season 6, Episode 86
Air date May 22, 2006
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Here Come the Aliens/Abiyoyo is the 86th episode of Between the Lions.

Picture Segment Description
IMG 2590.png
COLD OPEN Theo and Leona rap about some words we'll be seeing today
IMG 2574.png
IMG 2575.png
SCENE 1 Lionel talks to Leona about science fiction, then reads her Here Come The Aliens.
IMG 2597.png
Insert The grey hand removes the "qu" from the word "queen".
IMG 2292.png
Animation Computer or Laptop: quarter, quail, quill, quilt
IMG 2258.png
Film Real Kids: Kids Say Words That Begin with the Letter Q [quilt, queen, quarter, quill, question mark]
IMG 2556.png
Puppets/Cartoon Reginald Livingston Seagull: Quack Quack!
IMG 2293.png
Cartoon Q Without U
IMG 2597.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "qu" back in the word "queen".
IMG 2576.png
SCENE 2 Lionel is conflicted as to weather or not Cliff Hanger is brave. So his mom recommends reading one.
The Adventures of Cliff Hanger.jpg

IMG 3117.png
Cliff Hanger and the Helicopter Chorus.jpg
IMG 2594.png

Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and Quentin Quigley's Quick Question
IMG 2577.png
SCENE 2 (cont'd) Lionel comes to the conclusion Cliff's a coward. Then he says he's a mix of very, very, brave...
IMG 2578.png
SCENE 2 (cont'd) "And very, very, dumb!" Leona remarks. This triggers Lionel into running after her.
IMG 2589.png
SCENE 3 Leona and Lionel are doing a "Scary Experiment" to see why you're scared of stuff the first few times you see it, but not after that.
IMG 2588.png
IMG 2585.png
SCENE 3 (cont'd) The family then gathers in the library so they can hear Theo read Abiyoyo, a book about a father and son that fight a giant monster.
IMG 2586.png
SCENE 3 (cont'd) After the book, Lionel states that if the townspeople just got used to Abiyoyo, they wouldn't have had to make him disappear.
IMG 2598.png
Insert The grey hand removes the letter "Z" from the word "Zoop!"
IMG 2584.png
Animation Sign: zoo, zigzag, zip, zipper
IMG 2278.png
Celebrity Fred Says: zipper
IMG 2254.png
Film Real Kids (again): Kids Say Words That Begin with the Letter Z [zebra, zero, ziti, zither, zipper]
The Un-People Red-Orange BG.jpg

The Un-People Zipped.jpg

Cartoon The Un-People vs. The Re-People: zipped (EKA: Little Big Mouse)
IMG 2587.png
Puppets Reginald Livingston Seagull (again): z
IMG 2598.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "Z" back in the word "Zoop!".
IMG 2591.png
SCENE 4 Leona claims to have found someone braver than Cliff Hanger, Chicken Jane! Theo then points out a new Chicken Jane book in the library.
Fun with Chicken Jane.jpg

Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away.jpg
Chicken Jane and the Blizzard.jpg
IMG 2303.png
Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away 2.jpg

Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Blizzard
IMG 2592.png
SCENE 4 (cont'd) Leona hopes that, after the events of the previous segment, Scot and Dot would warm up Chicken Jane in their tent.

Featured Stories[]

  • Here Come the Aliens! by Colin McNaughton
  • Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger


  • The entire first half of this episode would later be repeated as the second half of Charlie's Dinosaur/Here Come the Aliens.
  • Between the Lions is the second PBS show to feature the book Abiyoyo, following Reading Rainbow.