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Pete's a Pizza/Pygmalion
Season 6, Episode 5
Air date May 15, 2006
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Pete's a Pizza/Pygmalion is the 85th episode of Between the Lions.

Picture Segment Description
IMG 2433.png
COLD OPEN Theo raps about some words we'll see today.
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SCENE 1 Lionel is excited to play soccer with his dad, but he then reveals that Cleo is at a meeting, and he has to look after the library, and as such, can't play soccer. To cheer Lionel up, he reads him Pete's a Pizza by William Steig.
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SCENE 1 (cont'd) After the book, Lionel still feels sad, until Theo brings in another surprise. He ordered pizza! He got Lionel's favorite - no cheese, no sauce, no dough, all meat.
IMG 2388.png
Insert The grey hand takes the letters "TH" from the word "FATHER".
IMG 2394.png
Animation Train: thirty, thimble, thunder, thumb
IMG 2430.png
Film Real Kids: Kids Say Words That Begin with the Letters T-H [thumb, thermos, thimbles, three, third baseman, thermometer, thorns, think]
Ms. Denyce Graves 11.jpg

Ms. Denyce Graves The 2.jpg

Celebrity A word from world-renowned mezzo-soprano Ms. Denyce Graves: the (Version 2) (EKA: Shooting Stars)
I Love Contractions.jpg

IMG 2405.png

Film Fonix sings about I Love Contractions.
Ms. Denyce Graves 12.jpg

Ms. Denyce Graves That 2.jpg
Ms. Denyce Graves That chant 2.jpg

Celebrity/Puppets Another word from Ms. Denyce Graves: that (EKA: Piggyback, Piggyback)
IMG 2388.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "TH" back from the word "FATHER".
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SCENE 2 Lionel still feels a bit upset he couldn't play soccer, so Theo has another surprise, forshadowed by the word pizza, as in...
The Adventures of Cliff Hanger.jpg

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Cliff Hanger and the Helicopter Chorus.jpg
IMG 2398.png

Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Three Brothers and a Pizza
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SCENE 2 (cont'd) Lionel enjoyed the book, but still wishes he and Theo could play soccer, when Cleo comes home! Lionel and Theo go out to play soccer.
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SCENE 3 A monkey named Pete Cliff is distraught that his best friend, Kathy, moved away. To try to comfort him, Cleo reads him the myth of Pygmalion.
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SCENE 3 (cont'd) After the story, Kathy comes back! It turns out she was just at soccer camp, and she and Pete Cliff go play.
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Insert The grey hand removes the letter "g" from the word "hug".
IMG 2421.png
Animation Computer or Laptop: girl, gorilla, goat, goggles
IMG 2423.png
Celebrity Fred Says: goggles
IMG 2380.png
Film Real Kids (again): Kids Say Words That Begin with the Letter G [goggles, girl, golf ball, golf club, guitar, gumballs]
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IMG 2295.png
The Two Sounds of the Letter G 3.jpg

Film Fonix sings about The Two Sounds of the Letter G.
IMG 2419.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "g" back from the word "hug.".
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SCENE 4 Cleo informs the monkeys there's a book about a hugging gorilla on a nearby shelf.
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Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away.jpg
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Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away 2.jpg

Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Gorilla
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SCENE 4 (cont'd) The monkeys pretend to be characters from the book.

Featured Stories[]

  • Pete's a Pizza by William Steig
  • Pygmalion (Greek myth)