Yo! Yes?/Very Loud, Very Big, Very Metal
Season 6, Episode 83
Air date May 1, 2006
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Episode 82: Sheep on a Ship/Mississippi Skip and his Pirate Ship
Episode 84: I'll Fix Anthony / Jamaica Louise James
Picture Segment Description
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SCENE 1 Lionel shows Leona a book called Yo! Yes? about a boy who wants to befriend another boy.
IMG 2348
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "Y" from the word "Yes!"
IMG 2291
Animation Television: yell, yellow, yo-yo
IMG 2325
Film Gawain's Word: yo-yos
IMG 2328
Celebrity Fred Says: yo-yo
IMG 2336
Puppets B.B. The King of Beasts sings Troubled by the Letter Y (EKA: There's a Fly in My Soup)
IMG 2250
Film Real Kids: Words that Start with y [yum, yarn, yo-yo, yardstick, yacht, yellow]
IMG 2339
Puppets Reginald Livingston Seagull: Yellow
IMG 2281
Celebrity Patty Loveless and Buddy Jewell sing "I Got a Reason to Read" (EKA: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash/Knuffle Bunny)
IMG 2338
Puppets Dr. Nitwhite and Watson: yes, yet, let, bet (EKA: The Hopping Hen)
IMG 2348
Insert The grey hand puts the "Y" back from the word, "Yes!".
IMG 2331
SCENE 2 Lionel tells Leona there's a new book in the library, with yodeling!
IMG 2333
Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Yodeling Yellow Yak
IMG 2341
SCENE 2 (cont'd) Leona doesn't like the book, and walks away
IMG 2367
IMG 2372
IMG 2366
SCENE 3 Leona has a surprise for Lionel, a music video all about construction equipment! Once it's done, Lionel goes to look for a book about some of the equipment.
IMG 2944
Insert The grey hand removes the letter "v" from the word "very".
IMG 2370
Film Magnets: van, vane, vine
IMG 2315
Film Gawain's Word (again): vines
IMG 2317
Puppets Monkey Cheerleaders: vehicles
IMG 2345
Film Library Alphabet
IMG 2319
Puppets/Cartoon Reginald Livingston Seagull (again): Steam Shovel
IMG 2249
Film Real Kids (again): v Words [visor, venetian blind, violin, vest, vacuum cleaner, vending machine, vase, volcano, video game]
IMG 2274
Celebrity Fred Says (again): vacuum
IMG 2944
Insert The grey hand puts the "v" back from the word "very".
IMG 2375
SCENE 4 Since Lionel loved Leona's surprise so much, he shows her something with something she loves - birds.
IMG 2321
Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Vulture
IMG 2378
IMG 2379
SCENE 4 (cont'd) Leona loves Lionel's surprise, and reenacts her favorite part (when the vulture shaved Chicken Janes' head) with Lionel.


  • Cliff Hanger: (reading from his trusty survival manual) 'If you hear two scientists yakking about a yodeling yellow yak, put on a yellow yak costume and start yodeling.' Why didn't I think of that?
  • Leona: Yo! Yes?
  • Lionel: Right?
  • Leona: Author?
  • Lionel: Chris Raschka
  • Leona: Illustrator?
  • Lionel: Chris Raschka
  • Leona: Talented.

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