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Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash/Knuffle Bunny
Season 6, Episode 81
Air date April 17, 2006
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Episode 80: It's Red! It's Green! / Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Episode 82: Sheep on a Ship/Mississippi Skip and his Pirate Ship

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash/Knuffle Bunny is the 81st episode of Between the Lions.

Picture Segment Description
IMG 2454.png
COLD OPEN Lionel raps about some words we'll see today.
IMG 2495.png
IMG 2494.png
SCENE 1 It's laundry day at the library, and the family hangs up their stuff. Cleo decides to pass the time by reading Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash, which is about a woman who hangs up unusual things. At the end, she encourages the cubs to guess the last word in the book (chair).
IMG 2496.png
SCENE 1 (cont'd) The parents pretend to be chairs hung up on the clothesline, and the cubs pretend to sit on them.
IMG 2493.png
Insert The grey hand removes the letters "er" from the word "her".
IMG 2486.png
Animation Train: fern, fir, bird, shirt
IMG 2483.png
Celebrity/Puppets Ronan Tynan will sing the I-R "ir" sound in the word "shirt".
IMG 2281.png

I Got a Reason to Read.jpg

Celebrity Patty Loveless and Buddy Jewell sing I Got a Reason to Read.
Fred Says Jerk.jpg

IMG 2491.png
Fred Newman Jerk.gif

Celebrity Fred Says: jerk
IMG 2493.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "er" back.
IMG 2497.png
SCENE 2 The family is reunited with their possessions, and Cleo decides to find another book, leading to...
The Adventures of Cliff Hanger.jpg

Adventure 30.jpg
Cliff Hanger and the Helicopter Chorus.jpg
IMG 2510.png

Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Dirty Purple Shirt
IMG 2498.png
SCENE 2 (cont'd) The family (minus Leona) decide to play "Cliff Hanger".
IMG 2500.png
IMG 2499.png
SCENE 3 Leona announces she has lost Lovey, and demands a search party be held immediately. A monkey eventually finds it, and Leona thanks him. Theo then decides to read her a book about a girl in a similar situation, Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems.
IMG 2501.png
SCENE 3 (cont'd) Leona vows to never lose Lovey again.
IMG 2492.png
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "y" from the word "Bunny".
IMG 2480.png
Animation Balloons: buddy, muddy, study, sticky
IMG 2488.png

Fred Says Sticky.jpg

Celebrity Fred Says (again): sticky
Mr. Bruno Kirby 2.jpg

Mr. Bruno Kirby Buddy 2.jpg
IMG 2508.png

Celebrity/Puppets A Word from star of stage, screen and television Mr. Bruno Kirby: buddy (EKA: But, Mama, But...)
IMG 2506.png
Puppets/Cartoon Reginald Livingston Seagull: Ode to the Washing Machine
Real Kids ending y Words.jpg

IMG 2485.png

Film Real Kids: Kids Say Words That End with the Letter Y [kitty, bunny, puppy, pony, donkey, daddy, mommy, baby, penny, berry]
IMG 2313.png
Puppets Monkey Cheerleaders: laundry
Gawain's Word Blend Mart And Now It's Time For....jpg

Gawain's Word Season 6 Title.jpg
IMG 2478.png
Gawain's Word Kitty.jpg
Gawain's Word Season 6 Ending Title.jpg

Film Gawain's Word: kitty
IMG 2507.png
Puppets The Announcer Bunny loves the word "bunny" (EKA: But, Mama, But...)
IMG 2492.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "y" back.
IMG 2502.png
SCENE 4 Theo has another book about a bunny, but can't find it. He eventually finds...
Fun with Chicken Jane.jpg

Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away.jpg
IMG 2511.png
Chicken Jane Scot talks Dot.jpg
Scot, Dot and Chicken Jane walks away 2.jpg

Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Muddy Bunny
IMG 2503.png
SCENE 4 (cont'd) Leona and the monkey laugh at the Chicken Jane book.

Featured Stories[]

  • Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash by Sarah Weeks
  • Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems


  • In the Fred Says "Jerk" Fred is now wearing a dress shirt, khaki pants, and black dress shoes.
  • Mo Willems, the author and illustrator of Knuffle Bunny is also known for working on Sesame Street, which many other cast and crew personnel of Between the Lions also worked on. Willems created the "Suzie Kabloozie" segments and other animated inserts, wrote scripts for the show from Seasons 24-33 and the 1998 Sesame Street home video The Alphabet Jungle Game, and directing the "Elmo's World" intro. Willems also created the Cartoon Network series Sheep in the Big City (which some Sesame Street cast members have also worked on) and "The Off-Beats" shorts for Nickelodeon's KaBlam!
  • This is the first episode to be released DVD only, and not to be released on VHS.