Earl's Too Cool/When I Was Five
Season 5, Episode 79
Air date June 13, 2005
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Episode 78: A Tasty Piece of Cheese / The Lion and the Mouse
Episode 80: It's Red! It's Green! / Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Picture Segment Description
IMG 2434
COLD OPEN Cleo raps about some of the words we'll see today.
IMG 2435
SCENE 1 Leona comes running to her mom, who tells her she hasn't something cool for her. She leaves, and returns clad in a hat and scarf. It turns out Leona misunderstood what she meant by "cool", and Cleo reminds her of the time she, her family, and her friend, Sierra the Mountain Lion sang about the many meanings of the word "cool".
IMG 2357
Puppets The Many Meanings of Cool
IMG 2449
IMG 2447
SCENE 1 (cont'd) What Cleo meant by "cool" was "something really neat", in this case, the book Earl's Too Cool For Me, which she then reads to Leona.
IMG 2436
SCENE 1 (cont'd) Cleo then gives Leona something else that's cool, an ice cream cone!
IMG 2361
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "t" from the word "too".
IMG 2446
Animation Notebook: tools, tooth, teeth
Fred Says Tee Hee
Celebrity Fred Says: tee hee (EKA: Farmer Ken's Puzzle)
IMG 2245
Film Real Kids: Musical Instruments that Start with t [tympani, trumpet, trombone, triangle, tambourine, tuba]
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 12.37.54 PM
Animation Tiger Words: tooth [not toof] (EKA: The Lost Rock)
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.00.47 AM
Puppets The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: Sven Said (intro and outro cut) (EKA: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
IMG 2361
Insert The grey hand puts the letter "t" back from the word "too".
IMG 2438
SCENE 2 Leona and Cleo play "Hot and Cold" with Lovey, then wonder if anyone else likes to play with their friends.
IMG 2364
Animation The Information Hen answers their question by reading the "Friends" chapter of It's a Pig's World.
IMG 2439
SCENE 2 (cont'd) Now, it's Cleo's turn to find Lovey!
IMG 2440
IMG 2441
SCENE 3 Leona wants to keep playing Hot and Cold until she's 105. So to show her interests change over time, Cleo reads her When I Was Five.
IMG 2442
SCENE 3 (cont'd) Leona decides she doesn't want to play Hot And Cold when she's 105, but she'll still have Lovey.
IMG 2450
Insert The grey hand take the letter "f" from the word "five".
IMG 2443
Animation Computer: food, fish, fork, fan
IMG 2359
Film Gawain's Word: fan (EKA: Dance In Smarty Pants)
IMG 2248
Film Real Kids (again): f words [flour, flower, fan, Fred, fried pickle, french fries, fish, fish, fish]
IMG 2356
Celebrity Fred Says (again): fish (EKA: Something Fishy)
IMG 2600
Puppets Lionel, Leona, Cleo, and Theo in Lions in Line Fidgeting
IMG 2350
Celebrity/Puppets The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: un/fun (EKA: The Roar That Makes Them Run)
IMG 2309
Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Bees (EKA: Tweet! Tweet!)
IMG 2354
Celebrity Fred Says (yet again): fly (EKA: There's a Fly in My Soup)
IMG 2352
Puppets Dr. Nitwhite and Watson: fly, my, why, cry, try (EKA: There's a Fly in My Soup)
IMG 2450
Insert The grey hand puts the letter "f" back from the word "five".
IMG 2445
IMG 2364
SCENE 4/Animation Leona goes off to play with Lovey while The Information Hen answers their question by re-reading the "Friends" chapter in It's a Pigs World.
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