The Golden Meaty Awards
Season 5 (2005), Episode 75
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Air date May 16, 2005
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Episode 74: A Shower of Stars / Two Moons and One Lagoon
Episode 76: Click, Clack, Moo / The Little Red Hen
Picture Segment Description
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COLD OPEN Lionel raps about some words we'll see today.
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SCENE 1 Lionel hosts an awards show atop the library's roof. The rest of the family is in the audience, and see Lionel prepare to hand out the first award to a rooster that plays kazoo in a music video about words that start with "r".
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SCENE 1 (cont'd) The parents are skeptical of who will win, but Leona correctly predicts it'll be the rooster in "Rocket Doodle Doo".
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Animation Rocket Doodle Doo (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)
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SCENE 2 Lionel reports that the rooster missed his flight, and sadly can't make it to the show.
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SCENE 2 (cont'd) Lionel announces the next award, the award for the best cop in a music video about words that end with "op".
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SCENE 2 (cont'd) The parents once again are confused by all the competition, but Leona once again states the winner (the cop in "Sloppy Pop") before Lionel can.
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Film Sloppy Pop (EKA: Episode 13: Pandora's Box)
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SCENE 3 Lionel announces the cop is stuck in traffic, and can't make it either.
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SCENE 3 (cont'd) Lionel announces the next award will be for the best performance by a lion in a music video about words that end with "ed".
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SCENE 3 (cont'd) Leona announces the winner is B.B. The King of Beasts singing "It's Over Now".
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Puppets B.B. the King of Beasts sings "It's Over Now" (EKA: Episode 40: The Last Cliff Hanger)

Introduction and closing cut

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SCENE 4 Theo, as B.B. The King of Beasts, accepts his award.
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SCENE 4 (cont'd) Lionel's next award goes to the best lioness who sang about the troubles she has with the letter "w".
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SCENE 4 (cont'd) Lionel finally beats Leona to the punch, and announces the winner is Tammy Lionette for "W Trouble".
Tammy Lionette W Trouble-0.png
Puppets Tammy Lionette sings W Trouble (EKA: Episode 04: Farmer Ken's Puzzle)
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SCENE 5 Cleo, as Tammy Lionette, accepts her award
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SCENE 5 (cont'd) Leona somehow knows the next award, and announces the winner.
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Puppets The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: Sven Said Ted, Send Ten Tents (intro and outro cut) (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
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SCENE 6 None of the monkeys could make it, so Lionel puts their trophies away.
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SCENE 6 (cont'd) Lionel stops his family from eating the rest of the awards.
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SCENE 6 (cont'd) Lionel's next award goes to the best lion who sang about the Long a in the word "mane".
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SCENE 6 (cont'd) Leona, for once, can't guess who the winner is, until Lionel tells her it's him.
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Puppets Lionel sings Grow, Mane, Grow (EKA: Episode 67: Grow, Mane, Grow!)
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SCENE 7 Lionel accepts his award, and announces that before he hands out the final award, the whole family is going to do a big song and dance number.
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Puppets "Without an ing" (EKA: Episode 34: Icarus's Wings)
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SCENE 8 After the number, Lionel announces the final award of the night, the award for the best act of the night, and he wins!
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SCENE 8 (cont'd) Lionel then gets calls from all the remaining winners, saying they can eat their trophies.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only episode in the 5th Season that did not feature a double episode, the animated Information Hen (until the end when showed the Between The Lions website that is), or even one chapter from the book "It's a Pigs World"
  • It is revealed Lionel is a Sagittarius, meaning his birthday is sometime between November 23 and December 21.

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The Golden Meaty Awards

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