Step by Step
Season 4, Episode 4
Step by Step Title
Air date September 18, 2003
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Lisa Simmons
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Three Goats No Waiting
Dance In Smarty Pants
Martha and Vowelles-Vest


  • Martha Reader and the Vowelles: vest (EKA: Quest! Quest! Quest!)
  • Fred Raps: chest, nest, pest, test, rest (from the Word Family: est)
  • If You Can Read: pe (sung by Chris Cerf [pet, pen, penny, peg, pest]) (EKA: Help!)
  • Missing Letter: wrench (EKA: Help!)
  • Brian McKnight and Cleo sing Homophones (EKA: Out in Outer Space)
  • Letter Bugs: step, pep, pet, get
  • Get Your Mouth Moving: short e
  • Gawain's Word: net (EKA: Help!)
  • Hole Words: net, bet, bed, red
  • Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Red Elephant (EKA: Quest! Quest! Quest!)
  • India Arie: love song
  • The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: entertaining (EKA: Quest! Quest! Quest!)

Notes Edit

  • This is the last season and episode is about the short "E" sound.
  • This is the last appearance of the word family "en".

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Between The Lions episode 69 Step By Step (Better Sound Sync)

Between The Lions episode 69 Step By Step (Better Sound Sync)

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