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The creators of the Lions' favorite "Wheaty Meat Treats" ad are hired to make a commercial for the library. But they can't seem to get it right.



  • Cleo: Do you care for some Wheaty Meat treats?
  • Jeff Kidding: Ah! No, no... No thanks. See, I'm on a wheatless, meatless, treatless diet.
  • Suits: We have no heads.
  • Cleo: And here are your name tags.
  • Suit: Umm... They pay for the name tags, right?
  • Jeff Kidding: Heh, budget people. What a sense of humor!
  • Jeff Kidding: Jeff Kidding! Writer/Director/Producer of Jeff Kidding Productions.
  • Cleo: I'm Cleo. Lion/Mother/Librarian!

  • Leona: Well, I don’t know much about making commercials, but I do know a lot about libraries.
  • Jeff Kidding: You do?
  • Leona: (nods) Yeah.
  • Jeff Kidding: Oh, oh, hey, hey — how about you clue me in? Because, to tell you the truth, I, uh... I’ve, uh... (he looks around a bit before whispering) never really spent much time in one.
  • Leona: (surprised) You haven’t?
  • Jeff Kidding: Nope.
  • Leona: Well, uh, the library is kind of like a... a beautiful garden.
  • Jeff Kidding: Huh?
  • Leona: (nods) Yeah, yeah. And the books are, are like the flowers. And you can pick out all sorts of stories, and amazing things to learn. You could even pick out a book about gardening. (Clip from The Good Seed) Or you could pick a book about pirates. (Clip from To the Ship! To the Ship!) You could pick a book about cowboys. (Clip from Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West) Or you can pick a sad book. (Clip from A King and His Hawk) And you can pick a funny book! (laughs; a clip from There's a Fly in My Soup) You can pick any book you want and read... (curls up next to Theo) with someone you love.
  • Theo: Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss.
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