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After Leona receives the book "The Gingerbread Man" for her birthday, she becomes depressed when he gets eaten, and can't enjoy her birthday party.



Dan Elias: There's nothing that you can do more valuable for kids than read to them every day.
Lionel: Be a designated reader.

Theo: (singing) Remember any time we love anyone is time well spent.

Leona: (singing) Don't want to say goodbye to the Gingerbread Man / He was cute and smart and funny / He was my favorite part / It was a story that I loved with all my heart.

Cleo: Now, now, Leona. Look. Don't you think it would be more fun to wait until the party starts? Then you can open all of your presents at once. Uh, don't you think that would be more fun?
Leona: Hmm, wait to open it, huh?
Cleo, Leona, Lionel and Theo: Nah!
Leona: Come on!
Theo: Get him!
Cleo: Oh, that's it! Oh, that's my huntress!


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