Dreaming Shakespeare
Season 2, Episode 20
Dreaming Shakespeare Title Card.jpg
Air date April 27, 2001
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Dreaming Shakespeare is the twentieth episode of Season 2 of Between the Lions, and episode 50 in total.


Everyone in the library dresses up for Shakespeare Day.


  • Barnaby Busterfield and the Pigeons: it must be dream
  • Barnaby Busterfield and William Shakespeare

Featured Story

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


  • Roma Downey was acting as Monica on the TV series Touched by an Angel at the time of this guest appearance.
  • Anthony Asbury makes a live appearance in this episode as "Sir Anthony of Asbury."
  • This episode was rarely aired after its official broadcast date on PBS. It wasn't included in the 2002 reprint of Season 2 video cassette box set or the Season 2 DVD set.
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