Quest! Quest! Quest! is the 46th episode of Between the Lions.

Quest! Quest! Quest!
Season 2, Episode 46
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Air date April 23, 2001
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Episode 45: Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains
Episode 47: The Spider and the Lie


Lionel and Leona are pretending to be knights, and when writer Babs Caplan comes back to the library (this time to write a fantasy story about two people on a glorious quest for a chest, titled “The Quest for the Chest”), they pretend that Babs is the Queen; as such, they address her as “Your Majesty”, and she is more than glad to play along.

Martha and Vowelles-Vest
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  • The word "jet" from the Fred Says segment flies to the Space Words segment; then it changes from gray to orange before the segment starts.
  • The What's Cooking and Sam Spud segments that are featured in this episode are from Season 1.
  • This is the third episode from Season 2 that features segments from Season 1; the first was Humph! Humph Humph! , and the second was Five Six and Thistle Sticks.
  • The grey cursor hand appear at the end of the Construction Words segments dragging the "en" ending to the If You Can Read segment before it starts even though it first appeared in Pebble Trouble.

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Between The Lions episode 46 Quest Quest Quest!

Between The Lions episode 46 Quest Quest Quest!

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