Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains
Season 2, Episode 45
Trains and brains and rainy plains.jpg
Air date April 16, 2001
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Ted May
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Picture Segment Description
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SCENE 1 Theo reads the cubs Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. When they come across the word "drought", Heath the Thesaurus defines it to them.
IMG 3186.png
SCENE 1 (cont'd) The parents notice that if you put a "T" in from to the word "Rain", you get "Train". This inspires the cubs to "Bring the Train to Kapiti Plain".
IMG 3188.png
SCENE 2 Walter and Clay Pigeon want to see Busterfield's brain.
IMG 3187.png
Insert The grey hand takes the letters "ai" from the word "rains".
IMG 3179.png
Puppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles: paint
IMG 3190.png
Animation Chalkboard: paint, pain, plain
IMG 3180.png
Cartoon Short Song: plain, brain, rain
IMG 3189.png
Celebrity Liza Jesse Peterson recites a poem called ai train
IMG 3181.png
Animation Colored Boxes: gain, pain, pail, nail, snail
IMG 3191.png
Film Moby Duck: Daisy the entertaining white snail
IMG 3192.png
IMG 3193.png
SCENE 3 Lionel and Leona have found a book on trains, which they will use to "Bring the Train to Kapiti Plain". Unfortunately, they also bring a fire to Kapiti Plain!
IMG 3194.png
SCENE 3 (cont'd) The parents come down to see that Kapiti Plain is on fire! Click quickly drags and drops the cubs back out.
IMG 3182.png
Celebrity Fred Says: hair
IMG 3183.png
Animation Sky Words: hair, fair, fail, rail, rain
Adventure 2498.png
Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Rain (EKA: Poetry Day)
IMG 2848.png
Puppets/Film Cleo sings Without an S
IMG 3195.png
Insert The grey hand puts the "ai" back from the word "rains".
IMG 3196.png
SCENE 4 When all seems lost, Walter Pigeon donates a feather that can be used to ignite the book's titular rains, and extinguish the fire. Theo has Click drag and drop it into the book, and the problem is solved.
IMG 3198.png
SCENE 5 As a reward for saving Kapiti Plain, the pigeons finally get to see Busterfield's brain, which they then steal.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In this episode, the library features a fire alarm system (which features horns and flashing red "FIRE" lights), which activiates when the "illustrated fire" ignites. But in all other episodes, the library has no fire alarm.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the third time Between the Lions used a former Reading Rainbow feature book. The first two incidents involved the books Imogene's Antlers and Abiyoyo.

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