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Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Between the Lions, and episode 43 in total.

Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks
Season 2, Episode 13
Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks Title Card.jpg
Air date April 18, 2001
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Episode 42: Oh, Yes, It Can!
Episode 44: Bug Beard


Lionel's best friend Lenny comes to visit, but Lionel becomes upset when he finds out Lenny does not like Cliff Hanger anymore.


  • Barnaby Busterfield and the Pigeons: tickles, tickled


  • The blue shirt Lionel wears in the flashback was previously worn by him in the Between the Shows promos for the series during the first two seasons, most likely so as to not interfere with the green screen.
  • This is the second episode that the gray hand grabs the letters from a segment; the first was The Hopping Hen.
  • This is the second episode from Season 2 that features segments from Season 1; the first was Humph! Humph Humph!


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Between the lions episode 43 Five, Six and Thistle Sticks