The Last Cliff Hanger is the fortieth episode of Between the Lions.
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Lionel is excited that there’s a new Cliff Hanger book. But when it comes, he’s shocked that it’s the last one. So, Click transports him and Leona into the beach that Cliff is on.

Cliff confesses that he isn't happy because he isn't on the cliff. When Lionel asks him if he can go back on the cliff, Cliff says he can’t because his author Livingston Dangerously wrote him there.

Cliff then suggests talking to Livingston about writing more books, so Click transports the two cubs back to the Library.

Lionel asks Livingston to write more Cliff Hanger books. However, Livingston reveals that he had to make Cliff’s latest adventure the last one because he ran out of ideas for more Cliff Hanger stories and couldn’t think of anything else. When asked how he gets his ideas, Livingston reveals that they first come over him in a wave, and then lift him out to “a sea of inspiration.”

Eventually, with the lions’ help, Livingston gets an idea, and writes a new Cliff Hanger book where Cliff goes back on the cliff.


  • Martha Reader and The Vowelles: fast
  • Fred Says: fast, faster, fastest
  • What's Your Name: short a
  • Sea Words: whale, tale, tack
  • Tiger Words: stack [not stick]
  • What's Cooking with Theo and Cleo: Tackled and Paddled Hamburger Patty
  • Sam Spud: Masher in the Neighborhood [not Neighbor in the Masherhood]
  • B.B. King of the Beasts sings "It's Over Now!"


Leona: I love happy endings.
Lionel: Happy? What’s to be happy about? It was the last Cliff Hanger — the last! No more new Cliff Hangers.

Chorus: Click the Mouse / is a mouse that clicks / And that’s why she's called...
Click: (bored) Yes, thank you, very much.

Busterfield: Alone at last! There's a method in my madness.

Chorus: Black stapler / staples and it's black / And that's why it's called black stapler!
Cleo: Super!
Theo: Really great.

Chorus: Cliff Hanger / Living on the beach / And that’s why he's called... oh, phooey!

Livingston: Yes, Do I know you.

Livingston: I had to make the last

Write it fast, Livingston.

Chorus: Ham sandwich / Sandwich made of ham / And that’s why it's called... Hey, Cliff's back on the cliff. We're working. Yay!!!


  • The Vowelles microphone dissapears when they appear in one scene.
  • Akira Takayama played Livingston Dangerously.
  • The music that plays during the Sea Words segment in this episode sounds the same from Shooting Stars.


Between The Lions episode 40 The Last Cliff Hanger

Between The Lions episode 40 The Last Cliff Hanger