Teacher's Pet
Season 2, Episode 9
Teacher's Pet Title Card.jpg
Air date April 12, 2001
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Lisa Simon
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Teacher's Pet is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Between the Lions, and episode 39 in total.

Picture Segment Description
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Proud Pride, Come to the big reunion at Club Veldt.jpg
Jean Creaky.jpg
Cleo-flu poem.png
SCENE Cleo is just packing up with her family, and Theo is reading certain tests with the "ea" sound and Cleo is going to visit her old teacher, Jean Creaky, until she can't hear Leona because she has the "I can't hear or smell or tell if someone's sneaking up on me" flu.
Pullout EA.png
Insert From the word "teacher", the grey hand pulls out "ea".
Martha Reader and the Vowelles Meat.jpg
Martha Reader and the Vowelles Meat 2.jpg
Puppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles heat it up with the "e" sound by the letters "E-A" in "meat". (Versions 1 and 2)
Walter and Clay Pigeon see a clean peach called peach meat.jpg
Insert Walter and Clay Pigeon see a clean peach called peach meat
Construction Word Morph meat, eat, beat, beam, dream.jpg
Cartoon Construction: meat, eat, beat, beam, dream
Replaced Letter Songs A Young Seal Had a Dream.jpg
Cartoon Replaced Letter Songs: A Young Seal Had a Dream (Version 1)
Fred Says Eat.jpg
Fred Says Eat 2.jpg
Fred Says Eat 3.jpg
Celebrity Fred Says: eat (part 1)
What's Your Name The Letters E-A.jpg
Song What's Your Name?: The Letters E-A (Version 1)
Fred Says Eat 4.jpg
Fred Says Eat 5.jpg
Fred Says Eat 6.jpg
Fred Says Eat 7.jpg
Celebrity Fred Says: eat (part 2)
Cleo-I-Can't Hear or Tell who's sneaking song.png
SCENE Cleo sings about how sick she feels, and then she asks the gang to find her journal since she was sick back then, but they can't find it, so she has to stay in bed to rest even more.
Dr. Ruth Wordheimer Undefeated.jpg


The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: undefeated
The camera zooms in on the refrigerator 10.jpg
Sam spud new logo.jpg
Sam spud in the car alone .jpg
Sam spud mistaken about precious being a pooch.jpg
Sam spud turns his partner back to a peach.jpg
Creak Creak.jpg
Creak Creak 2.jpg
Sam and precious being disgusted by pea soup.jpg
Sam spud The fruit cake.jpg
Sam spud slipped on a banana .jpg
Sam spud on the floor.jpg
Puppets Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective: Nutty as a Fruitcake [real peach, not real pooch] (Versions 1 and 2)
When Two Vowels Go Walking.jpg
Song "When Two Vowels Go Walking" (Version 1) (EKA: Poetry Day)
Teatro Hugo and Ines.jpg
Teatro Hugo and Ines 2.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady Title Card.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 2.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 3.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 4.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 5.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 6.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 7.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 8.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 9.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 10.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 11.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 12.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 13.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 14.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 15.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 16.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 17.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 18.jpg
Ines and the Tummy Lady 19.jpg
Insert Teatro Hugo and Ines: Ines and the Tummy Lady
Putback EA.png
Insert The grey hand puts the vowels e and a back from the word "teacher".
Cleo Flu Feet 1.jpg
Cleo Flu Feet 2.jpg
A Cub Named Theodor.png
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.39.21 PM.png
Meat Ice Cream.png
FINAL SCENE Leona found Cleo's journal and she reads sickly to them the day back in her childhood when she had the flu, they then count to ten like in the story, until....SHE'S ALL BETTER!!! Then she packs up to visit, but leaves her meat ice cream...
Please Leave Message .png
Insert Busterfield finally says two more words with the "ea" sound: "please leave".


  • The puppets of Cleo and Theo as cubs are, obviously, modified versions of Leona and Lionel, while Teacher Creaky is a slightly modified Cleo. The lion seen in the fly-swatting challenge is also a modified version of Cleo, as is the lion on the left (viewer right) side in the smell challenge.
  • An alternate Cleo puppet with bleary eyes was used for this episode.
  • The monkey that hosts the smelling challenge has a voice based off of the late talk-show host Regis Philbin. At one point, he says "You...are absolutely right!", a phrase that Philbin popularized as the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  • Music that resembles the song "Eye of the Tiger" plays during the fly-swatting challenge. To drive home the connection further, one of the flies (whose name is Rocky) has a voice modeled after Sylvester Stallone, who starred in Rocky III, the film that "Eye of the Tiger" was originally written for. The fly's trainer is based off of Burgess Meredith, who played Mickey in the first three Rocky films.
  • This is the first episode to feature the song, What's Your Name? with the letters E-A and sounds like "E".
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