Bobby the Hopping Robot
Season 2, Episode 8
Bobby the Hopping Robot Title Card.jpg
Air date April 11, 2001
Written by Fred Newman
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Episode 37: Poetry Day
Episode 39: Teacher's Pet

Bobby the Hopping Robot is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Between the Lions, and episode 38 in total.


Lionel's new toy, Bobby the Hopping Robot, doesn't seem to be working properly. No matter how many times he and his father read the instructions, nothing fixes the problem. Eventually, Leona and Click discover that there was a typo in the instructions.


  • Baranby Busterfield and the Pigeons: hopping robot, hop, hope
  • Baranby Busterfield and the Pigeons (again): hop, hop, hop, hoppy ending



  • When Theo says "This is standing back and enjoying?!", the top of Peter Linz's head can be seen in the bottom right corner.
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