Piggyback Piggyback is the 27th episode of Between the lions

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Piggyback, Piggyback
Season 1, Episode 27
Air date May 9, 2000
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Lisa Simon
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Episode 26: The Roar That Makes Them Run
Episode 28: The Fox and the Crow
Picture Segment Description
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SCENE Lionel and Leona are about to have their own tongue bath, as they read "The Dirty Smelly King", Leona wants to go first, but Lionel says he's old enough to have his own bath, as he goes around with his own back in fast motion but he prefers to have it done by Cleo.
Pullout -0.png
Insert The grey hand pulls out the word family "ack" from the word "Zack".
MATV pack.png
Muppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles: pack
Un People Packed.png
Cartoon Pingu Dubs: Flying Ace (EKA: The Old Man)
Cartoon Lighted Patterns: pack, quack
Celebrity Pingu Dubs: The Mysterious Mr. Gull
Cartoon Replaced Sky Words: quack, pack, sack, smack
Muppets VCI: The Wind in the Willows Promo Early 1995
Screenshot 2016-02-10 at 12.29.10 PM.png
Song Pingu Dubs Season 6 Intro (EKA: Lionel’s Antlers)
Piggyback Song.png
Insert/ Song Leona and Theo make up a brand new song called "The Piggyback Song" while footage of animals do piggybacks.
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Leona wants to have another piggyback on Theo, but Lionel thinks she can't and is jealous, so Lionel goes to play soccer.
Subtraction Animate.png
Cartoon Stage Words: back, lack, lick, lit, light
Monkey-Theatre No Need To Light.png
Muppets The Super Sproutlet Show: Green - Super Moves, Sproutlets (EKA: Shooting Stars)
Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 12.41.18 PM.png
Cartoon Letter Bugs: light, lip, lap
Arty-ap blends.png
Muppets The Leotits: B is for Boogie (EKA: The Chap with Caps)
Celebrity Pingu Dubs: Put in a Pancake
Tongue Twist Short A.png
Film Tongue Twisters: Nat's knapsack strap snapped
Johnny Vowelles At.png
Muppets Johnny Consonanti and The Vowelles: at
Chicken Jane- Fat Cat.png
Cartoon Mikey Likes It: the Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Vlog (EKA: Shooting Stars)
Denice Graves- that chant.png
Celebrity Denyce Graves: that
Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 1.11.51 PM.png

Outer Space: that, than, then, when

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 1.12.49 PM.png
Cartoon Who's Here (EKA: Episode 06: The Hopping Hen)
Insert The grey hand puts "ack" back in it's place from the word "Zack".
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Leona wants to play soccer with Theo, but he has to work at the library, so Leona and Theo read the rest of the story, so the king's feet still get dirty when he wears shoes!!, Leona now wants to take a break on piggybacks, so she also can ride on his back anytime, so she goes to play soccer.
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Piggyback with Pigeons.png
Insert Busterfield is glad that piggyback time is over, but Walter and Clay are still doing it, and now it's non-stop!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only episode where Lionel is shown naked without clothes, completely naked. Although, he's only naked in the beginning, then he has his grey hat an green and white striped shirt through the rest of the episode.
  • Theo will also read "The Dirty Smelly King" in a Season 6 episode.
  • This is the only episode to be filmed in Australia, for the footage of the Koalas doing a piggyback used in The Piggyback Song

Video[edit | edit source]


Piggyback, Piggyback

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