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A King and His Hawk
Season 1, Episode 25
A King and His Hawk Title Card 2.jpg
Air date May 5, 2000
Written by Louise Gikow
Christopher Cerf
Richard Chevat
Diana DeCubellis
Sarah Durkee
Ellis Weiner
Joe Fallon
Michael K. Fifth
Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss
Peter Hirsch
Sean Kelly
Sharon Lerner
Kathryn Mullen
Fred Newman
Norman Stiles
Belinda Ward
Kathy Waugh
Tom Whedon
Directed by Ted May
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A King and His Hawk is the 25th episode of Season 1 of Between the Lions.


On a day when all the patrons are reading sad books that have tragedy about the character's deaths, Lionel reads "A King and His Hawk" to Leona. Leona is traumatized by the part where the king kills the hawk, so she tries to hide the book so nobody else will read it and get upset.

Segments and Songs

Featured Story

A King and His Hawk by Ingrid Ringling Singer

Notes and Trivia


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Lionel: In a great rage, the King whipped out his Sword! With one swift blow, he killed his Friend, the Hawk!



Between The Lions- A King And His Hawk