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The Lucky Duck is the 23rd episode of Season 1 of Between the Lions.

The Lucky Duck
Season 1, Episode 23
The Lucky Duck Title Card.jpg
Air date May 3, 2000
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Episode 22: Red Hat, Green Hat
Episode 24: The Old Man


A cute duck comes out of his book and wants to be bad. So he sings a song but it did not work because his author wrote him cute. So Lionel writes a book called "The Yucky, Yucky, Yucky Duck" (which sounds similar to his original title "The Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Duck"). But Leona wants him in his own book (because there's no cute duck in the original book).



Featured Story[]

The Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Duck by Ernestine Darling


  • "The Lucky Duck" is available as a book by the same name, written by Sarah Durkee.
  • This is the second time Lionel's shirt has orange stripes instead of green stripes. The first was in Touching the Moon.
  • This appears to have been the first episode produced, as it begins with Leona introducing herself and her family to the audience. In addition, Leona's hair on her head and Cleo's eyes are noticeably different, presumably for the same reason.
  • The boy from the Sam Spud: Par-Boiled Potato Detective segments makes a cameo appearance in this episode.


  • The Big Bad Duck is an allusion to "The Big Bad Wolf" from "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and "The Three Little Pigs" which will be read in a season 3 episode that features the same vowel.
  • At one point of "The Big Bad Duck", he impersonates the late Chuck Berry's famous "duck walk".



  • Busterfield: All right, that's enough. I don't want a cute little duck on my mind, anymore. Good-bye, duck.
  • Duck: 'Not as cute' is good enough. Thanks, Lionel.
  • Duck: Good-bye, three-dimensional world!
  • Gawain: And this is Gawain saying 'don't you get stuck.'
  • Duck: Oh, I am doomed to be cute forever.
  • Leona: Don't be sad, little duck. I'm really glad you're still cute.
  • Duck: (singing) I was a cream puff / Now I've got power.
  • Duck: (singing) Instead of nice, I'm being rude / And look who's back, the duck in black / And you'd better watch out / I'm in a 'fowl' mood.
  • Lionel: You've heard of the big, bad wolf. Well, stand back and get ready for the big, bad duck.
  • Boy: Mom, there's a statue with a duck coming out of the top of his head!
  • Mom: Why a duck?
  • Busterfield: (wearing Groucho Marx mustache and glasses) Why not?! Ha ha ha ha. Come on, look it up. This is classic comedy!
  • Duck: I want power. I want respect.
  • Lionel: It's over! It's over! The cuteness is over!
  • Duck: It's over, all right. I am sick and tired of being nothing but cute. Cute all the time, cute!
  • Leona: I like cute duck books!
  • Leona: Shh. I'm sneaking up on my brother, Lionel. I'm gonna jump on him, and he doesn't even know it.



Between the Lions episode 23 The Lucky Duck