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The Ram in the Pepper Patch
Season 1, Episode 19
The Ram in the Pepper Patch Title Card.jpg
Air date April 27, 2000
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The Ram in the Pepper Patch is the 19th episode of Season 1 of Between the Lions.


Lionel reads a Mexican story called "Ram in the Pepper Patch" to Leona. Suddenly, the Ram comes out of the book and causes chaos around the library. This continues until a patron (played by Anthony Asbury) wants to check the book out, but he changes his mind once he sees that the book is now called "No Ram in the Pepper Patch". The Ram, after imagining his many fans in Mexico freaking out about his absence from the story, has a change of heart and decides to return to the story.


  • Barnaby Busterfield and the Pigeons: Scram ham, scram you ham, ram the ham


Featured Stories[]

Ram in the Pepper Patch and No Ram in the Pepper Patch by Chile Ramirez


  • Emilio Delgado (better known as Luis on Sesame Street) plays the voice of the ram in this episode.
  • Lionel's puppeteer, Anthony Asbury, makes an appearance as a library patron.
  • This is the only episode to include a classic cartoon sound effect, the bow string ricco sound effect (originally from various Hanna-Barbera cartoons) is heard when the bee lands on the ram giving him a painful sting.





The Ram in the Pepper Patch