There's a Fly in My Soup
Season 1, Episode 15
There's a Fly in My Soup Title Card.jpg
Air date April 21, 2000
Written by Joe Fallon
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Episode 14: Lionel's Great Escape Trick
Episode 16: The Popcorn Popper

There's a Fly in My Soup is the 15th episode of Season 1 of Between the Lions.


The lions try to make Click laugh, but they made her cry instead until she swallows a fly.


  • Barnaby Busterfield and the Pigeons: What's that fly doing on Buster's head?

Featured Story

The Universal Encyclopedia of Fly Jokes


  • Unlike the other word morph segments, the rectangular bugs segments features words that end with "en" instead of words that end with the letter Y or with the short E.
  • This is the first episode that focuses on the sometimes vowel Y.
  • This is the first episode where the grey cursor hand pulls out only one highlighted letter from a page of a book, instead of three. This would continue in Season 2.
  • Also the only episode with Y being the focused vowel in the Vowelles segment, thus making the segment the least aired of the Season 1 Vowelles segments.
  • The waiter in the book has a voice based off of Frank Nelson, a regular on The Jack Benny Program.


  • In the second Fred Says segment, when Fred runs into the backdrop, which is obviously paper, his left foot goes through it.


Between the lions episode 15 There's a fly in my soup
Between the lions episode 15 There's a fly in my soup
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