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Lionel's Antlers
Season 1, Episode 10
Lionel's Antlers Title Card 2.png
Air date April 14, 2000
Written by Sarah Durkee
Christopher Cerf
Richard Chevat
Diana DeCubellis
Ellis Weiner
Joe Fallon
Michael K. Fifth
Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss
Louise Gikow
Peter Hirsch
Sean Kelly
Sharon Lerner
Kathryn Mullen
Fred Newman
Norman Stiles
Belinda Ward
Kathy Waugh
Tom Whedon
Directed by Dean Gordon
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Lionel's Antlers is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Between the Lions.

Picture Segment Description
Lionel's Antlers 1.png
SCENE 1 One morning in the library, Lionel wakes up with antlers on his head! He thinks this is just a bad dream, but it's not. Cleo tells him that there's a story in the library with a girl that has the same problem...
Lionel's Antlers 2.png
Insert Walter Pigeon says he can relate- he woke up with feathers again. Barnaby B. Busterfield III tells him that they're birds and they should have feathers.
Lionel's Antlers 3.png
Lionel's Antlers 4.png
Lionel's Antlers 5.png
SCENE 1 (Cont'd) Cleo reads "Imogene's Antlers" to Lionel. But Lionel says the story didn't help him feel better about his antlers. Leona tells him that they'll go away and Cleo says that he should enjoy them, but Lionel objects. ("You're not the one who's turning into Bullwinkle!") So the family goes to cheer him up.
Gray Hand Removes An From Antlers .png
Insert The Gray Hand removes the "an" from "antlers".
Martha Reader and the Vowelles Man 5.jpg
Puppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles sing the short "a" sound from their bad word "man". (without or with fading in)
Arty Smartypants an, pan, plan, planet.jpg
Puppets Arty Smartypants: An, Pan, Plan, Planet
Dr. Bertice Berry An 2.jpg
Celebrity Dr. Bertice Berry opens the chest box and says the word "an".
Rectangular Bug Word Morph an, am, arm, ark, mark.jpg
Insert Rectangular Bugs: an, am, arm, ark, mark
Film Fonix sings When It's an A-R (EKA: Episode 05: Shooting Stars)
Stage Word Morph part, pat, pant, ant, antlers.jpg
Insert Stage: part, pat, pant, ant, antlers
Lionel's Antlers 6.png
Lionel's Antlers 7.png
Lionel's Antlers 8.png
SCENE 2 Lionel tries sneezing the antlers off, but it doesn't work. Then, through song, Leona shows Lionel that she has "antlers" too, and they aren't so bad. Then Theo and Cleo get an idea- they turn Lionel into a coat rack. But Lionel just wants the antlers OFF, and the family gets another idea. Lionel then remarks "What a weird family."
Gawain's Word Title.jpg
Gawain's Word Dance.jpg
Gawain's Word Ending Title.jpg
Film Gawain's Word: dance
Abstract Word Morph dance, damp, lamp, clamp, clam.png
Insert Abstract: dance, damp, lamp, clamp, clam
Replaced Letter Songs A Careless Young Clam 18.jpg
Replaced Letter Songs A Careless Young Clam 21.jpg
Cartoon Replaced Letter Songs: A Careless Young Clam
What's Cooking Title 2.jpg
What's Cooking Slammed and Rammed Ham with No Yam or Clam 8.jpg
Puppets What's Cooking? with Theo and Cleo: Slammed and Rammed Ham with No Yam or Clam
Fun with Chicken Jane.jpg
Chicken Jane and the Bad Ram Title Card.jpg
Chicken Jane and the Bad Ram 2.jpg
Cartoon Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Bad Ram
What's Your Name short A Season 1 Version.jpg
Film What's Your Name?: short a
Dr. Ruth Wordheimer Enchanting 2.jpg


The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: enchanting (without slam a door sound) (EKA: Farmer Ken's Puzzle)
Gray Hand Putting the "an" back in "Antlers".jpg
Insert The Gray Hand puts the "an" back in "antlers".
Lionel's Antlers 9.png
Lionel's Antlers 10.png
Lionel's Antlers 11.png
SCENE 3 The lion family puts on a play where Leona plays a magical princess in the forest. Then she sees a sleeping lion cub with antlers on his head, and does her special "Antlers-Off-Your-Head" dance, and when the cub wakes up- the antlers are still there!
Lionel's Antlers 12.png
Lionel's Antlers 13.png
SCENE 3 (Cont'd) Then, Leona wakes up. It was all a bad dream, supposedly brought on by Theo reading "Imogene's Antlers" before Leona went to sleep. Then the family goes down for breakfast, and Lionel scoffs at the fact that he would have antlers. Then he sees himself in the mirror with two branches behind his head and believes he really does have antlers!

Featured Story

Imogene's Antlers by David Small

Notes and Trivia


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Lionel: I wish I could sneeze these antlers off.

Lionel: What a weird family!



Lionel's Antlers