Making Bread/Cheesybreadville
Season 7, Episode 10
Air date November 19, 2007
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Episode 99: Charlie's Dinosaur/Here Come the Aliens
Episode 101: Ruby Sings the Blues / The Camel Dances

Making Bread Edit

After Theo fails at baking a loaf of bread, Cleo shows him a video about how to make it properly.

Cheesybreadville Edit

During the "Yummy Poetry Jam" at the library, Cleo reads a poem called "Cheesybreadville".

Meanwhile, Theo is having trouble reading his poem.

Segments Edit

Making BreadEdit

  • Trampolini Brothers: tasty, tastier, tastiest
  • Opposite Bunny: raw/cooked
  • Doghouse: Dog Biscuits
  • Look It Up
  • Arty Smartypants reads "Edna Bakes Cookies"


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