Shooting Stars
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date April 7, 2000
Written by - Joe Fallon
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Leona is waiting for the meteor shower.
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  • Cleo: Lionel?
  • Lionel: Hmm?
  • Cleo: Are you ready to not go to bed tonight?
  • Lionel: Yes, ma'am!
  • Cleo: Good. Be sure your sister’s ready to not go to bed, too.
  • Lionel: Okay, ma’am! (grunts) Leona?

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Shooting Stars/Transcript

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  • This is the first episode, since in which Martha Reader and The Vowelles have not been shown.
  • This is the only episode when the grey cursor hand didn't pull out a target vowel sound, it just pointed at the word star to look at the "ar" ending instead.
  • The camera guy's hand can be seen in the second Fred Says segment.

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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

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