Farmer Ken's Puzzle is the fourth episode of Between the Lions.

Farmer Ken's Puzzle
Season 1 (2000), Episode 4
Air date April 6, 2000
Written by Lou Berger
Directed by Lisa Simon
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SCENE 1 Dr. Nitwhite has a new word with the en sound in it, and it is "hen", so Theo writes it down with his "p-e-n, pen". Dr. Nitwhite realises he needs to make that word, so he goes back to the Dunderhead Lab. Theo and Cleo wonder why they always get his name wrong by calling him "nitwhit"
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SCENE 2 Lionel, Walter and Clay play "Farmer Ken's Puzzle". Leona comes in and wants to play, but Lionel won't let her because it's ages 7 and up, which is Lionel, Clay and Walter, and she's only four and under, so he lets her play her own game. They need to get the seed, cat and hen in the boat but it can only hold two things, Walter and Clay suggest the hen, Lionel thinks they should take time on if the hen should go first, but Walter and Clay know what their doing, so Lionel takes the hen and.....
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Lionel thinks they should take the cat next and... the cat eats the hen and Walter and Clay are sad that he ate the hen. Busterfield agrees with them about the violence.
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SCENE Leona has made her own version of the game and so she shows Lionel.
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Insert The grey hand pulls out "en" from the word hen.
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Muppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles: men
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Cartoon Replaced Words Song: Ben, hen, ten (introduction cut)
Stage Words with letter w.png

Stage Words: hen, when, w

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Muppets Tammy Lionette Sings "W Trouble"
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Sis vs Bro with Karina and Ronald: Eating Only One Color of Food for 24 Hours
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Lionel continues to take the cat, but it doesn't eat the hen, and the hen eats the seed, so Walter and Clay won, but it isn't fair to Lionel's dismay this time.
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Cartoon Colored Patterns: hen, ten, teen, tee-hee
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Celebrity Fred Says: tee-hee
Sky Words Double E.png
Cartoon Sky Words: tee-hee, tee, teen, ten, men, met
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Celebrity Denyce Graves: met
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Cartoon Letter Bugs: met, net, nest
Arty Est Words.png
Muppets Arty Smartypants: Nest, Rest, Resting, Restaurant (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
Sam Spud Rotten Eggs.png
Muppets Sam Spud: bad eggs/bad iggs
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Muppets The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: Sven/Ted, tents/cents (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
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Insert The grey hand puts the "en" sound back in hen.
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SCENE 4 Leona wants to play the game Lionel is and suggests to help Lionel win the game without the cat eating the hen and he does win somehow!.. Lionel asks how she did it.. and she says magic. Then she runs off
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Closing Dr. Nitwhite comes back with two more words with the "en" sound "hen" and "pen" but he says he wants to offer full credit for their help (Theo and Cleo) and however it's the end, so he returns to the Dunderhead Lab.
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Closing 2 Busterfield gives some more information if the viewer as a grown up is watching the violence guarding the kid... and the announcer thanks him.. and he has nothing to do with it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first episode to have the main focus be about a computer game, instead of a book.
  • This is the very first time when Walter and Clay appear in the library with the lions and not just with Busterfield.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Lionel: We have to get the cat, the hen and the seed -- all three - across the river. But the boat can only hold two things. Hmm... what do we take first?
  • Walter Pigeon: Oh oh oh, take the hen!
  • Clay Pigeon: Yeah, birds go first, cats are the worst! Take the bird.
  • Busterfield: If any grownups are watching, I want you to know that I had nothing to do with the nonsense you just witnessed.
  • Announcer Bunny: We would like to thank Barnaby B. Busterfield III, the founder of our library, without whose help none of this would have been possible.
  • Busterfield: I had nothing to do with it! Nothing! You're not taking me down with ya'!
  • Lionel: Hmm, let's see. If I take the sack of seeds across first, oh! That leaves the cat alone with the hen.
  • Pigeons: (gasp) No, no! Not that! Anything but that!
  • Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: Whoo! I am good. And pretty enchanting too, if I do say so myself.
  • Pigeons: Right! Put our heads together and think! (sound of heads clonking together)
  • Farmer Ken: (singing) The cat ate the hen and that is that.
  • Walter Pigeon: Oh, that poor hen!
  • Clay Pigeon: Lionel, how could you do that to the poor hen?
  • Lionel: But... you told me to!
  • Busterfield: Shocking. I'm afraid I have to agree with the pigeons. Cats eating hens. As if there isn't already too much violence on television.
  • Cleo: Bye, Dr. Nitwit.
  • Dr. Nitwhite: That's Nitwhite!
  • Theo: Of course, sorry!

Video[edit | edit source]


Farmer Ken's Puzzle

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