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Cliff Hanger and the Wish Upon a Star is a book from The Adventures of Cliff Hanger by Livingston Dangerously. It's the 2612th adventure that teaches the letters A-R, "ar" and the short "u" sounds.


When Cliff Hanger is always left hanging on a cliff, he can't hold on much longer. Suddenly night falls and far above and it's getting dark. Then the first star appears. Cliff reaches into his backpack and withdraws his Survival Manual. It said when he sees a star, he should make a wish. So he says to the star to get him off the cliff. Then the helicopter comes out and the people from the helicopter are about to sing the theme and go away. Cliff says "Excuse me." But he interrupts their singing and they come back and sing "Yes?" and Cliff asks them if they could rescue him. He gets rescued by the people in the helicopter who sing the same theme song. They let down a rope ladder for Cliff to climb up to freedom and Cliff broke the fourth by saying to the narrator, "That's easy for you to say." But it was only a dream. That is, to which the narrator says, "No! It was only a dream!". When Cliff breaks the fourth wall again, he realizes it was a dream (saying, "A dream!?"). Then daytime rises again. In the morning, while sleeping on the branch (although he always sleeps on it whenever he's in bed, but normally offscreen) Cliff slid down when he woke up and let his arm back onto the branch (ready to start his next adventure on the cliff). Finally, he is once again back where he started from. As a result, he once again can't hold on much longer.

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