This episode starts off with Cliff on his branch. He can't hold on much longer. Fortunately, he sees a giant African snail above him. The snail talks to Cliff (and says, "Hello, Cliff Hanger! I am here to save you!"). The snail tells himself he is a giant African snail. Despite his giant size, even though the giant snail is the biggest and strongest snail around, he has one problem. He is not as big enough to lift Cliff Hanger off the Cliff. At this point, the snail to Cliff, he says that he might not be big enough to lift Cliff off of the cliff. But the snail tells him what the good news is. He says, "But I know somebody who can". However, in the process of help, the snail goes off to fetch Cliff's rescuers. But he takes too long (taking too long through the seasons). He goes by summer, then autumn, then winter, and then spring (every summer, every fall, every winter, and every spring). It's like all seasons nonstop when the snail goes on to fetch Cliff's rescuers. Finally, at summer again, the snail has only gone seven feet (which may be a total of seven years; one foot for each year of the snail) because he is slow. As a result, after seven years (and seven feet), the snail still hasn't gotten to Cliff's rescuers yet. Cliff says to the snail, "You have only gone seven feet?". Then the snail angrily asks Cliff what his point is (saying, "AND YOUR POINT IS...?!"). When the snail questions that, Cliff finally explains his point. He says, "My point is, it's that...! ...I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!". After saying his catchphrase (to the snail), the snail disappears (vanishes). Cliff (like always) is back where he started from in the setting sun. And once again, he can't hold on much longer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of the adventures Cliff didn't used his Survival Manual nor does the same theme song play again (sung by the people in the helicopter nor by the lonely male singer) in the end.
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