"Cliff Hanger and the Enchanted Goat in a Coat in a Boat" is another issue in the Adventures of Cliff Hanger series by Livingston Dangerously, for Adventure 76. It teaches the "OA" sound.

Plot Edit

Cliff is still hanging and he can't hold on much longer. Suddenly, he spots an enchanted goat, in a coat, floating in a boat in the water below his cliff. Cliff reads that if a goat appears in a coat (and floating in a boat), give her some toast, and she can "rescue" you. Cliff uses his backpack toaster to toast some toast for the goat. Then he says to the goat, "Please get me off this cliff!" (asking the goat to rescue him). The goat says, "Get you off the cliff? My pleasure." She does "rescue" him and transports Cliff off the cliff (with her magic spell). So when Cliff gets his wish granted by the goat, he gets off. However, he gets dropped off at a new cliff (with another root). The goat (who sees Cliff on a new cliff) says to him that she hopes he likes the new cliff better than the other one (saying, "I hope that he likes this cliff better".). Then she eats the toast and rows away (leaving Cliff back to where he started from). As a result, Cliff once again can't hold on much longer.

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