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Cliff Hanger and the Dirty Purple Shirt is the 30th book in The Adventures of Cliff Hanger. The story focuses on word with the er/ir/ur sound in them.


When Cliff Hanger, as always, is left hanging from a cliff. He can't hold on much longer. Then from below, Cliff sees a very big ape (a gorilla) carrying a huge basket of dirty laundry. In the Survival Manual, it says if seeing a very big ape carrying a huge laundry basket (full of dirty clothes) curl up inside a dirty purple shirt and hurl down into the laundry basket. When Cliff gets the purple shirt (after tossing away a parachute and a rope ladder) he goes inside and hurls it down in the basket. When the shirt gets into the basket, the big ape discovers it. Then he tells himself that dirty purple shirt isn't his (he says, "MERCY! This jerky looking shirt isn't mine!"). Because the ape truthfully knows the shirt is not his, he throws it high in the air. Then he resumes to washing his clothes (doing his laundry) after Cliff taken care of once and for all. Now that Cliff is gone, the ape (now back in peace and quiet) is able to resume to his laundry chore. Then the ape with the laundry basket disappears. As for Cliff, Cliff came out and flew high into the air and fell back onto the cliff. Finally, he is back where is started from. Once again, he can't hold on much longer.


  • It suddenly is revealed that the parachute and rope ladder (which Cliff Hanger throws out from his backpack) would be useful items to get off the cliff. But even if Cliff used them to get off the cliff, it still would've been unsuccessful. And he would still end up back to where he started from. So it would have been a good thing he threw them away. Because he would've ended up back on the cliff anyhow.



Between the Lions- Cliff Hanger and the Dirty Purple Shirt